It started out as a couple songs and ended up to be an entire album.

Oh, the possibilities…

Epiphany is a very special project, to me. Over the years, I’ve released a lot of music.

This album is different.


I wrote and produced each song, one after the other, like a story. It has new songs, a couple instrumentals and even some spoken word.

I produced the entire thing in my studio, over the last month and a half. It is finished and ready to be sent out. 

Here’s where I need help.

I usually only distribute my music online.  It’s a lot more cost effective for an independent artist.  However, I am dreaming bigger this year.

With your help, I will be able to see Epiphany in its physical form.

Epiphany Album Art.jpg
This is the vision.

This year, I am ministering at several women’s retreats.  How awesome would it be for me to be able to bring physical copies of the album to those events?

It would be epic!

Please keep me in your prayers, as I embark on this new adventure into new territory.  I am excited and believing that God is going to use this album to bring light into dark places.

Also, please share this link! ❤  Everything helps.

Thank you, in advance!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!  To anyone, and everyone, who is able to partner with me in this dream.

-Stephanie Baker

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