Summer Tunes & Beach Trips

Good afternoon, friends!  I am currently sitting in a coffee shop, drinking an iced chai and brainstorming ideas.  I am also now writing this blog post. 😉

A few minutes ago, I hit the send button and sent off a new single for distribution.  Check out this promo video I posted yesterday!


I wrote Tidal Wave a couple weeks ago.  Unlike my usual songwriting methods, I composed the music first and then went from there.  It was a fun challenge.

There’s been a lot on my heart lately.  Life can be overwhelmingly dark at times, am I right?

So much so, that I found myself having a hard time finding the words to say.  Even in prayer.  It was difficult.


So I asked God how to pray and to help center me during this time, when certain parts of life seem dim and grey.

That’s where Tidal Wave came from.  A very sad Stephanie, on a very sad day.

I can’t help but smile, as I write this.  The song is very bright and energetic.  It’s not a sad ballad, but more of a celebration.  I can’t wait to share it with you on August 1st.

The moment I finished the track, I knew I needed to get some shots of the ocean for the video.  The following week, some friends decided to take a spontaneous trip to Santa Cruz and invited me to come along.

Not only did I get all the footage my heart desired for the video, I was very refreshed from the change of scenery and fresh air.  It was good.

Also . . .



In case you haven’t heard, I am giving away a song for FREE.  You can get your digital copy of Brighter Than the Sun in my music store!


New Music in the Works!

It’s a beautiful, smokey day over here—I live near Yosemite, and there is apparently a fire today.  Yikes.  Anyway . . .

I’ve been busy mixing the final mix of a new song today, as well as making a video update for you all.

Just a girl and her dogs, working on music . . .


I haven’t decided how I’m going to release this one.  It is either going to be a single, with a video, or part of an EP.  I have to think on that for a bit, or may not very long.  I’ll let you know what I decide.

Also, have you been able to listen to my latest track, I Believe?  The video is over 7.6K views today.  WHAT?!?


One more thing . . .

For a limited time, you can download Brighter than the Sun for FREE on Noise Trade.


Have a great day, friends.  As always, thanks for your continued love and support.  You rock.


Now Available: Wings

Alt Wings Album Art

Yesterday, I released my summer EP.  When I first announced Wings, June felt so far away.  Here we are!

You can now stream and download Wings on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and all of your favorite media platforms.


As you’ve probably noticed, I have been releasing quite a bit of music of late.  And honestly, I have been having the time of my life.

That said, I am forcing myself to take the weekend off and rest.  It’s very difficult for me to follow through with this, but I know I have been the furthest thing from lazy.  So it’s time to take a day off and let my musically-geared mind take a vacation for a sec.  I mean, the weekend….not a day.  See my problem? 😉

I hope you enjoy Wings.  Special thanks to everyone who takes the time to check it out!  If you enjoy it, please share a link with your friends.  It means a lot and helps more than you know.


See you next week!


Brighter Than the Sun

Brighter than the Sun Cover Art

I did something daring tonight.  I released a single.  It wasn’t planned.  I finished the song yesterday, made the video below, and now I am sharing it with you.  This totally breaks all my marketing rules, but here we go! 😉


It will probably be a few days until it’s up on Spotify, iTunes and all those other places we use to buy and stream our music.  In the meantime, you CAN grab a digital copy in my music store:


It’s been an exciting week.  I just got back from a trip to Reno the other day, where I was out ministering at a youth event—so much fun!


Now that I’m back home, I’m working on getting my summer EP finalized.  Speaking of which, check out this new music video!

Higher is the first track on Wings.  Check back next week for the official release date and cover art reveal!

Words like Arrows

Rocky Mnt Park 9.24.16_1523

“Lord, I ask that today, when I open my mouth to speak, my default is encouragement and not sarcasm.”

 This has been my prayer of late. It’s a desire that my heart is chasing on a daily basis.

Believe me when I say, I have come a very long way over the years. A few years ago, in particular, the Lord began to speak to me on the topic. He showed me the impact that an encouraging word brings and how they open a door for the recipient to receive His truth.

Words that heal and not harm.

Words that build up and not tear down.

Words that shift atmospheres and cause the darkness to flee.

This is what I want.

Rocky Mnt Park 9.24.16_1480

I look back and think about the times when I have been the recipient of sarcasm. Sure, some of those words made me laugh in the moment, but there’s always those moments that linger. The ones that make you wonder if there was any truth behind them.

And yes, it’s usually something really stupid, but . . .

You can’t help but think to yourself, when the lights go out and you’re alone, staring up at the ceiling in your bed,

“Is that how they really see me? Is that who I am?”

 Of course, it’s not like we can control how people receive our words. But I suppose what I’m getting at is this:

“Lord, give me strategies on how to speak in a way that is intentional and with grace.”

Rocky Mnt Park 9.24.16_1494

 We all experience times when the enemy seems to be shooting lies, like arrows, over and over. Attacking our insecurities and identities.

I don’t want to contribute to THOSE arrows.

I want my arrows to be the ones that attack the arrows of the enemy. Strategically sent out. Splitting the lies before they hit their target.

This is something I know can only be accomplished if I am taking the time to sit with the Lord. I need His heart for people.

His heart.

That’s where you get the power to shift atmospheres just by walking into the room.

His heart.

I want His heart.

I was reading in Matthew 12 this morning:

“For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.”

Rocky Mnt Park 9.24.16_1499

 So, I cry out . . .

“Lord, I need Your heart.”

I may have shared this before, but a very dear friend of mine passed away a few years ago. It’s still sad, but I have such joy because the last conversation we had was epic.

They took the time in that moment to share how proud they were of me and what God has done in my life, and I was able to do the same and tell them how much they have contributed to my story in a positive way.

When I think about how they are no longer here, this is the memory I have.

On the other hand, not all of my last conversations with people have been this positive. I realize, I can’t always control that and sometimes it was completely out of my control because I was on the receiving end. But . . .

That one positive conclusion to my friendship with that dear person makes me want to take every opportunity to do that for someone else.

We don’t always know when a moment with someone is going to be our last. Sometimes life happens and you lose touch. Sometimes it’s with a stranger in Walmart and you may never see them again—as much as I rant about hating Walmart, I did have an opportunity to speak life into someone there the other day.

Rocky Mnt Park 9.24.16_1485

The point is that we don’t know, which is why we should try (if we can) to not leave loose ends. To do our part, at least, and allow God to move through us.

I want His heart.

Free Download: Deeper


“How high, how deep, how wide is Your love?”

It’s not every day that I release a song past 8:00pm, yet here I am releasing a song past 8:00pm on a Thursday night.  As far as my marketing plans go, I shouldn’t be doing this—YOLO! I can’t believe I just said that.  Further proof that I probably shouldn’t post things after 8:00pm. 😉

Anyhow, here is a song.  A song which you can download for FREE on either BandCamp or SoundCloud.


And it’s almost the weekend, so . . .

Have a great weekend, friends!