Music for a Pandemic

Hey, friends. I’m back!


It’s been quite a bit of time since we last crossed paths, I know. Please excuse the hundreds of typos that will probably appear in this update–I am typing with one hand and my baby in the other.

I spent most of last year pregnant, visited the Philippines for a ministry trip (yes, while pregnant), and I simplified a lot because being pregnant is exhausting. I acquired carpal tunnel as a symptom, which made it so I could barely do anything musical until after giving birth. Thankfully, my hands are no longer in pain and I am able to play piano once again.
Right from the start, day two of 2020, my husband fell at work and was seriously injured with a head trauma. A real-life nightmare. As I stood there with our newborn baby, only a couple weeks old, feeling completely helpless and afraid, telling my best friend and husband of almost three years, who I was and where we were. Over and over. I vividly remember the day he couldn’t remember me at all and I thought I lost him. 
This was not where I thought this year would begin. This is not where I ever imagined we would end up. I am so thankful for those who rallied around us with prayer and encouragement. For friends and family who came and stayed with me during the day and night. For God bringing redemption and light into a dark and terrifying situation.
It has been a long few months, and I am so thankful for all the progress my husband has made. God has truly shown Himself as our healer through this. We may be stuck in our home, sheltering-in-place at the moment, but I am happy to have him and our beautiful baby girl here with me. Also…
COVID-19. I did not see that one coming. What a weird turn of events, right? It feels like we are in a movie. A very crazy movie that keeps getting more dramatic and unreal.
So, in the midst of the odd scenarios that have been playing out in 2020, I recorded five new tracks. Most of which I recorded with my baby nursing, sleeping in my lap, or attached to me in a carrier. It has not been easy, but it has been therapeutic and has kept me sane.
I’ve been challenged by the lyrics of these songs, in so many new ways. Trusting that God is God and that He is good, no matter what is happening around me or to me. Trusting that He is in control, no matter how much my heart hurts, and no matter how much my head hurts from trying to process the weight of things. Every lyric I sang into this project, every note played, is straight from my heart.
Today, I am releasing my first music project of the year. It’s a soft-release. Meaning, I chose to release it before it is available everywhere to stream and download. For the time being, you can find it on my BandCamp page and download it for free or for a donation—if you feel so inclined. A donation is not necessary though. It is a gift from me to you. I hope that it will bring you encouragement and also give you something new to listen to during this pandemic.
Your Face Shines Upon Me Cover Art
[Click “Buy Digital Album” and it will give you the option to download for free or give a donation. Again, no donation necessary, it’s my gift to you.]
I am sitting here in the middle of a lot of uncertainty. We don’t know what is next for us this year. As with many in the world, the current situation has great potential to impact our finances, employment, our living situation, to start. Things look very bleak, but we are choosing to believe that God has always taken care of us and that He will show Himself strong even in this.
Stay safe and hold onto hope, friends. I hope these songs bring encouragement and light into your day.
You will be able to stream Your Face Shines Upon Me on all music platforms in the upcoming week or so. I’ll keep you all updated on Instagram and Facebook.
Talk to you soon!
-Steph Baker

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