Facedown (Feat. Z.Stone)

Today, my new single, Facedown is available to download and stream all across the internet!

Self Portrait 8.20.18

Featuring my friend, and fellow artist, Z.Stone, Facedown is an explosive ending to a very musically productive summer.

Facedown Cover

I sent Zach a message back in April and we brainstormed about the possibility of collaborating on a project.  I came up with a beat and sent to him, he laid down his vocal track and sent it back.  It’s cool to live in a day and age where you can collaborate from a distance, over the internet.

The rest is history.

This was my first collaboration on a single and it’s not going to be my last.


If you’re a fan of hip hop and rap, you should definitely check out Z.Stone’s tunes!



If you enjoy Facedown, please click the like button, comment and share it with your friends!

One last announcement!

Stephanie Baker Music (The Official Website) has also been launched today.  Check it out!

stephanie baker music

As always, thanks for listening!

-Stephanie Baker


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