Now Available: Wings

Alt Wings Album Art

Yesterday, I released my summer EP.  When I first announced Wings, June felt so far away.  Here we are!

You can now stream and download Wings on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and all of your favorite media platforms.


As you’ve probably noticed, I have been releasing quite a bit of music of late.  And honestly, I have been having the time of my life.

That said, I am forcing myself to take the weekend off and rest.  It’s very difficult for me to follow through with this, but I know I have been the furthest thing from lazy.  So it’s time to take a day off and let my musically-geared mind take a vacation for a sec.  I mean, the weekend….not a day.  See my problem? 😉

I hope you enjoy Wings.  Special thanks to everyone who takes the time to check it out!  If you enjoy it, please share a link with your friends.  It means a lot and helps more than you know.


See you next week!



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