Spontaneous Looping Session #1

I think I just started something new.  Well, it’s new for me.  Anyway . . .

I sat down in my studio and played around this afternoon.  It has been a very hectic few months, so today was my day off.  I was determined to just have fun. I decided all I was going to do was love my fur babies, relax and make up a little song.

Fur Babies

It was purely exploratory with no goals or plans or whatever.  Chad Baker was in my studio with me the whole time.  He’s the big black one.  Cass Baker, the fluffy one, is too afraid to walk past the laundry room to get down to my studio.  Sometimes I carry him over with me.  It’s kind of pathetic, but I do love him.

I had fun, and this is what I made.  So, now I am sharing it with you.


It’s meant to play in a loop, which works super-dee-duper-ly well on instagram.

Are you on instagram too?  If so, you should connect with me.  It will be fun.

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!  See you next week.


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