I present you with my first release off my summer EP.  I hope you like it!


     Serendipity is exclusively available as a digital download in my BandCamp store:

     Also, if you look at my other music, you will see that my series of ten singles I released last year are now available under the album Moments.  This is also a BandCamp exclusive—you will not find all ten songs together under one great price anywhere else on the internet!
     The Moments Series, as I call it, is very meaningful to me.  It was a journey.  Stories I needed to tell.  Last year, in general, was an experiment.  I had always wanted to head down more of an experimental and electronic type of genre.  I was figuring things out, healing by telling stories about the past, and evolving into what eventually became Epiphany and is now leading me to another adventure with Wings.
Wings Music Visual Logo
     I say it was a journey because that’s how I always look at my music compositions.  I think I spent a good part of my life making music to fit a specific mold, but then I realized I’d rather be me and figure out what that would sound like put to music.
     I’m still figuring it out, evolving, and hopefully getting better and better as I go.  Practice. That’s how I see it all.  And let me tell you, I am having the most fun I’ve had in my life right now.  I’m not a millionaire, but I’m happy because I’m learning to be myself.

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