We Did It!

For those of you who haven’t heard, we flew across the finish line last week.

Epiphany is fully funded!


This week I sent off the album to be manufactured into physical CDs, as well as to be globally distributed digitally on all of your favorite media platforms.

I am expecting the CDs to get here at the beginning of next month, which means those who donated toward the campaign will be getting their goodies mailed to them asap.  I’m thinking mid-March—prayers are appreciated!

Through the rest of the month of February, I am offering a CD and poster for a donation of $20.  You can make your donation on GoFundMe to pre-order, or send me a message for other options.  I have a limited supply of the posters, so don’t miss out on this deal! ❤


I will have the digital album available on iTunes for pre-order on March 7th.  So, for those of you who prefer downloading straight off the internet, mark your calendars!  The official release date of both the physical and digital album is:

March 14th

Epiphany Poster

I am so excited.  In the weeks ahead, be on the lookout for another music video in preparation of Epiphany‘s release.

Talk to you more soon!


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