Be Selective . . . It’s Healthy!

Just as God spoke the universe into existence, our lives are continually being formed and rearranged by words. It is imperative that we use wisdom and be selective about the voices we allow to speak into us.  Yes, this is something that we alone can choose.  Even in those situations where we may not be able to silence all of the voices around us, it is up to us to learn how to respond, filter and process in healthy ways.

I talk to quite a few people on a weekly basis.  It is not unusual for me to be approached, specifically online, by those who are struggling with various issues and seeking counsel.  Sadly, there are always a few who don’t actually want to be helped, but merely want to be heard and validated.  Being validated is a good thing, but not when the desire to resolve the real problem is still lacking.

The number one root issue I keep running into has everything to do with words.  Words people have spoken over themselves and words that have been spoken by others.  It is a very sad thing when the most crippling words in our lives come from the people who should bring healing and encouragement, but sometimes that is just the way it goes.  [Believe me, I get it . . .]

Autumn Converse_1901

It is so common for people to walk through life holding everyone else responsible [except themselves] for where they are at.  An avoidance of taking action and taking control of their own life, by coming up with excuses and shifting the blame.  It soon becomes a crutch that eventually infiltrates their very identity, until they can longer see it for what it truly is . . . a chaotic mess of lies.

I write this with a bit of a burden on my heart.  This week I’ve dealt with those who are in this category and it felt like I hit a brick wall.  I saw that they were starting to attempt to use me as a crutch, or rather a human-garbage-can in which they wanted to dump the weight of the world that they were carrying.

I love helping people.  I hate seeing people living in darkness.  However, this was one of those moments when I realized that their words were starting to affect me.  I noticed that when they would message me, my heart would start to race and I would immediately be hit with a wave of anxiety.  Do you know the feeling?

It was time to draw a line.

We may not be able to completely remove all of the negative voices, but we always have a choice when it comes to how we respond.  And in those situations where you are able to completely silence the voices, please do not hesitate to be brave and take a stand for your well-being.

Be selective about the words you allow to form your world . . . it’s healthy!

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