But Wait . . . There’s More!

After our evening session of the conference concluded, all four of us crazy Americans bundled ourselves up, went out into the cold night, and climbed up a steep knoll.  We were expectantly seeking out the Aurora Borealis, as Arron had heard that there was a great possibility that it would be visible tonight.  [For those who are wondering, a knoll is a hill.]

We stayed out for awhile, but alas we could not see anything but stars, clouds and the moon.  Still, the view of the stars was very satisfactory.  After all, it was an opportunity, a rare moment in time.  It is not every day that I find myself up on a  knoll in Iceland with a terrific view of the stars!

I have been doing research on night photography specifically in preparation of capturing the Aurora Borealis.  I came to the conclusion that we still have many days left before we leave, and I would continue to expect that God would provide me with the opportunity.  Regardless of the fact that we couldn’t see what we were originally looking for, I always enjoy standing under a starry night sky.

It wasn’t until after I took the picture below that I noticed a faint streak of Aurora.  I was floored.  I was content, after staying out for awhile, to go back inside and go to bed.

However, I didn’t go to bed.  I started to write a blog post.  Not this blog post, but another one that I will eventually publish.  You see, my post for tonight dramatically changed when I received a Facebook message from Sheryl, who is staying in the room next to mine.

Sheryl informed me that she could see the Aurora and that it was dancing across the sky.  She proceeded to allow me to come over and see it from her window, as my window faces the opposite direction.

It’s crazy now to think that I almost didn’t go back outside because I was in my pajamas and didn’t want to be cold.  I seriously considered staying in my bed, continuing to write, and then eventually going to sleep.  Thankfully, I chose to step out.  Did I mention it was nearly 2am?

Let me just tell you how crazy and amazing Sheryl was to offer to go out with me.  We were both in our sleepwear, threw on some layers, our boots, and trekked back up the knoll together.

In the words of Sheryl,

“Never stop asking God for more. Whatever you need just ask. His storehouse never runs out.”

As we stood on the knoll once again, the only words that I could find were declarations of praise to God.

He never stops astounding me.

[And now I will go to bed . . .]

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