“Fearless” and Some Other New Developments

It started with a couple sentences back in April.

On Thursday morning I woke up inspired with the rest,

and it became . . .


My original plan for Thursday was to stay in bed and sleep as long as possible.  I work at a year-round Christian camp, and we are currently in our busiest season.  So I am pretty much daydreaming about the next time I get to sleep.

Every single day.

But that changed when I woke up and instantly began to write down sentence after sentence.  I hadn’t even had my first cup of coffee before I latched onto the insane notion that I would then compose and record an audio track, film a video, edit it all together, and then release it on Saturday.  Mind you, I had to work Friday and part of Saturday.  It was slightly ridiculous.

Thankfully, I live for ridiculous.

Why did it have to be released on Saturday? Honestly, I could have released it a month from now, but I did it for myself.  Simply because I needed to.

Saturday was the day of my almost-wedding.  To those who have been quietly wondering since April, the wedding was called off.  I had my reasons.  Thank you, friends, for being supportive even without knowing all of the details.

To answer your next question, I am doing well.  Very well.  In the end, I am thankful that God is in control and that He is a good, protective Father.  And honestly, it has been around roughly seven years since I have met Single Stephanie.  I really like this for the moment.  After sorting through some things with the Lord for the past few months, I have emerged with some new standards, clearer perspective, a healthier view on my self-worth, and more peace than I have had in . . . . yes, seven years.

Besides working, I have been spending a majority of my time pursuing my passion for photography and furthering my experience in filmmaking.  I have big dreams regarding both and I am taking steps every day to experiment and challenge myself to go further.  If you are not yet friends with me on Facebook, I post a photo of the day on a regular basis.

I am also in the works of a new music project titled, Awakening.  Most of the songs were written while I was playing out in the streets of Portland.  It will be so different from anything I have ever released that I find myself slightly lightheaded at the thought.  I plan to write a few more songs to complete the album and I am determined to put out a promo video by the fall.

I cannot believe that we are already halfway through 2015.  So much has already happened, and there is still much more to come.  I am preparing to return to Iceland in September for another conference with His Glory to the Nations.  My heart has been longing to return ever since my first trip last year.  I am currently putting together a promo video for that as well.  [Yes, I have quite a few projects going on right now . . .]

That said, the projects won’t finish themselves.  😉  Be back soon . . .

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