Update: 2015 Thus Far

     I am writing this update to you from my very own home . . . yes, this is happening!  As of the last month, I am now working full-time as an Exec Admin at a Christian camp.  So far it has proven to be an excellent fit and I absolutely love my job.  I am very privileged to work in a positive environment with amazing management and coworkers.  My position also includes a rent-free, three-bedroom house—utilities included!  It is literally a dream come true.  I had no idea this job existed and the way that God brought it about was nothing short of supernatural.

     I am so glad that God doesn’t leave us where we are at.  Up until transitioning into the new job, I had spent the last few months back with my parents.  I was hanging out in the unknown, trusting that I was supposed to be back in California, living on just enough finances to barely survive, and swallowing my pride in the moments where I needed to ask my father to help me cover my car payment.  It was honestly a struggle at times.  It was a very humbling experience.  I didn’t realize how much security I had in my own independence and my ability to provide for myself.

     The moment I learned to be content with living off of next to nothing, I found out that I truly had everything.  We have a choice in those situations to choose panic or to choose peace.  It’s easy to choose peace when everything is running smoothly.  It’s another thing to choose peace when, in the natural, there is none.

     The mind is a battlefield.  You can probably relate to much of what I’m talking about.  The ups and downs of emotions.  The highs and the lows.  We all have them in one extreme or another.  But somewhere in the midst of our fluctuating, often untrustworthy, responses to life there is a balance.  The balance that turns our striving and surviving into thriving.  This is a balance that we can only obtain through the renewing of our minds and reconstruction of unhealthy thought processes.  It is as simple as admitting that, “God, I can’t . . but You can.”  That is the safest place to live in.  I am not saying that I have fully mastered this way of living, but thank God I am a lot further along than I used to be.

     Being fearful and walking in anxiety is not trusting in God.  Neither is allowing yourself to linger in the pit of woe-is-me and everything-is-awful.  I feel I can say these things because these are places I have personally been,  places I have decided to choose not to be in.  It is a choice, and it is necessary to make this choice on a daily basis.  It is choosing to be under the influence of the Holy Spirit and not controlled by your flesh.  Granted, these mindsets are deadly, have most likely grown deep into your identity, and take consistent work to overcome them.  These are hard battles to fight, but they are not impossible.  The best things in life are often the hardest to obtain.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve reached the point where I want the best that God has to offer.  “Easy” isn’t always His best—a difficult thing to grasp in a society that thrives on receiving instant gratification with little or no effort.

     God is faithful.  I say that phrase a lot, I know.  But . . . it is the truth.  It is who He is and it is a truth on which you can stand.  When everything else seems uncertain and unfamiliar, it is the one thing that I know is true.  This reality is the “everything” that I referred to.  The reality that you can have everything that you need, even when it appears to be the opposite in the natural.  Peace is more valuable than any earthly treasure.  If it does not have God in it, I don’t want it . . . plain and simple.

      Oh, and guess what?  My album is currently in the process of global distribution. It will soon be available on iTunes, Amazon and beyond!  I will make an announcement as soon as I have the links.

      And yikes, #worshipwednesday.  I realize that in my first-of-the-year post I promised weekly videos and audio files.  Rather than stress out over it, I decided to focus on my Vine channel for the time being.  If you have Vine, you should connect with me.  I post worship clips multiple times a week, if not on a daily basis.  I’ve been breaking out all of the instruments.  Piano, guitar, mandolin, ukulele, and my recent addition . . . banjo!  [click on the photo for the link!]

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     Also, check out my Instagram for more photos and videos documenting my current antics.  [click on the photo for the link!]

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     There are more NEW things coming, so check back again soon!  I’m currently in the editing stage of some new videos, and I am also working on a new single to be released before summer.  There is a lot in motion currently.  So much excitement.  I can hardly contain myself.

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